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Riad Marrakech

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Riad Marrakech

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Riad Marrakech

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Riad Marrakech

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Riad Les clefs du sud Marrakech

    Imlil is a nice and quiet place where one can stay for a short or long period. It is the base place to start many treks and mountain activities while visiting the area. It is situated on the foothill of the Mount Toubkal after an 1h30 drive from Marrakech crossing some villages and valleys along the Ghighaya valley.

So as to make your stay enjoyable, we have selected for you great range of places to stay and wonderful things to do.

Depending on your budget, we offer you the suitable accommodations starting from basic and clean hostels, Guest houses, Riads and Kasbahs also offering some nice family apartments for long stay journeys.

Types of accommodations we offer

  • Hostels and Refuges :

    - This kind of lodging is a basic accommodation which contains group dormetories and rooms containing multiple bedrooms with shared facilities.
    - These accommodations are suitable for school groups,scouts and budget groups travelling together.
    - The prices of this type of lodges varies between 4€ to 6€ per person. In addition to this you can expect 6€ for diner and 2€ for breakfast.
  • The Riads :

    - A Riad is an old and typical family building containing a courtyard on the middle and surrounding by rooms in different sizes and various decorations. Also all the rooms have windows on the inside courtyard. Nowadays and in order to modernize this type of stays and make it ready for a comfortable journey, the owners added the facilities inside of each room. In some building we also find nice balconies offering wonderful view on the mountains and villages.
    - The prices of these kind of lodging varies between 30€ to 40€ per double or twin room including dinner and breakfast.
  • Kasbahs :

    - A kasbah  is a type of  fortress or castle.
    - It used to be a place for the local leader to live and a defense when the area was under attack. A kasbah has high walls, usually without windows. Sometimes, they were built on hilltops so that they could be more easily defended. Some were placed near the entrance to harbors.
    - Having a kasbah built was a sign of wealth of some families in the area .
    - This type of building have been started in early 17th centyury when north Africa is starting to defend against the western occupations.
    - Most of these Kasbahs has transformed into luxury and traditional accommodations.
    - The stay in the Kasbah varies between 100€ to 500€ per room with diner and breakfast. It is mostly designed for luxury travelers.